Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Service Learning: December 9th

Today, we had four groups of students in front of shopping centers in the Newport area. The four shopping centers were the Pavilions at San Joaquin and Newport Coast, Pavilions at the Port Streets, The Bluffs, and Petco on the corner of MacArthur and Bison. We let people know about Kiva by handing out cards and brochures to anyone who showed interest. In all, we handed out somewhere around 125-150 cards and brochures in a relatively short amount of time. Hopefully, we will get quite a few of those who we handed cards to interested in joining Kiva and making a life changing loan to an entrepreneur in a developing economy. Remember, be sure to join our team on Kiva to help us out. Click on this for a direct link to our team page to become a member of our team.

Special thanks to the Irvine Company and the store owners who let us have a spot in front of their stores.
-AJ Wolfson

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  1. Gentlemen:

    Thank you for keeping up your blog. I look forward to seeing how well your work in December has borne fruit since then.

    Please remember, too, to keep up your individual reflections. Not only are these required, but they will also help you all immensely as you prepare for your Community Forum presentation on April 14.

    I look forward to following your project through to its completion. By the way, what is your overall goal again?


    -Mr. Barrett