Monday, October 19, 2009

Donations by SagEcon Members!

All ten members of the SagEcon team have now lent to an entrepreneur in need of a microloan.

Mr. Anderson donated $25 to Regina (Clothing Sales, Ghana)

James Chai, Charlie Schumacher, Sky Stearns and AJ Wolfson lent $25 each to Felipe
Valenzuela (Retail, Philippines)

Andrew Dorne lent $25 to Liberty Group (Fruits & Vegetables, Ghana)

Alex Jimenez lent $25 to Melinda Antonio (General Store, Philippines)

Cyrus Khoyilar lent $25 to Azad Shabanov (General Store, Azerbaijan) and $25 to Odsuren Davaatseren (Clothing Sales, Mongolia)

Usamah Simjee lent $25 to Hanieh Neser (Tailoring, Lebanon)

Brad Slaughter lent $25 to Leonard Mbugua (Butcher Shop, Kenya)

AJ Wolfson lent $50 to Idrissa Dembélé (Retail, Mali) and $25 to Noeme Sarmiento (General Store, Philippines)

Jesse Xiao lent $25 to Abravi Afanou (Beauty Salon, Togo)