Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Service Learning: December 9th

Today, we had four groups of students in front of shopping centers in the Newport area. The four shopping centers were the Pavilions at San Joaquin and Newport Coast, Pavilions at the Port Streets, The Bluffs, and Petco on the corner of MacArthur and Bison. We let people know about Kiva by handing out cards and brochures to anyone who showed interest. In all, we handed out somewhere around 125-150 cards and brochures in a relatively short amount of time. Hopefully, we will get quite a few of those who we handed cards to interested in joining Kiva and making a life changing loan to an entrepreneur in a developing economy. Remember, be sure to join our team on Kiva to help us out. Click on this for a direct link to our team page to become a member of our team.

Special thanks to the Irvine Company and the store owners who let us have a spot in front of their stores.
-AJ Wolfson

Monday, October 19, 2009

Donations by SagEcon Members!

All ten members of the SagEcon team have now lent to an entrepreneur in need of a microloan.

Mr. Anderson donated $25 to Regina (Clothing Sales, Ghana)

James Chai, Charlie Schumacher, Sky Stearns and AJ Wolfson lent $25 each to Felipe
Valenzuela (Retail, Philippines)

Andrew Dorne lent $25 to Liberty Group (Fruits & Vegetables, Ghana)

Alex Jimenez lent $25 to Melinda Antonio (General Store, Philippines)

Cyrus Khoyilar lent $25 to Azad Shabanov (General Store, Azerbaijan) and $25 to Odsuren Davaatseren (Clothing Sales, Mongolia)

Usamah Simjee lent $25 to Hanieh Neser (Tailoring, Lebanon)

Brad Slaughter lent $25 to Leonard Mbugua (Butcher Shop, Kenya)

AJ Wolfson lent $50 to Idrissa Dembélé (Retail, Mali) and $25 to Noeme Sarmiento (General Store, Philippines)

Jesse Xiao lent $25 to Abravi Afanou (Beauty Salon, Togo)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

SagEcon Day 2

Group members planned for their first venture to spread the word about Kiva. They created brochures and logos in order to help people understand the concept of Kiva. Four team members went to Pavilions and Gelson's and received permission to use the sidewalk to let people know about Kiva. Other team members worked on their presentation to future passerby's. By November 12th, we plan to be ready for our first venture for which we will have banners, brochures, and shirts.

Thank you to the managers of the stores for helping us out!

Sage Hill Econ-SagEcon

Watch the Kiva 15 minute Documentary

Join Kiva and become part of our team!

If you're on facebook, help us get noticed by joining our facebook group!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Creation of SagEcon

10 AP Economic students from Sage Hill School hear a presentation about an organization named Kiva. These ten students decide to create a team and open a chapter as their service learning project for their senior year. SagEcon is born. Those students, James Chai, Andrew Dorne, Alex Jimenez, Cyrus Khoyilar, Charlie Schumacher, Usamah Simjee, Brad Slaughter, Sky Stearns, AJ Wolfson, and Jesse Xiao are all male seniors class of 2010.

In order to understand what we signed up for, we had to learn about what Kiva is. Kiva is an organization that allows the average person to microlend, for as little as $25, to entrepreneurs in countries with emerging economies. From that, we had to figure out what a microloan is. We discovered that a microloan is a loan that is typically under $2000. Microloans are too small to be profitable for the conventional banking process. This is where we come in. Individuals in a first-world country now become the bankers.

Want to learn more? Visit for any additional questions you might have.