Monday, October 19, 2009

Donations by SagEcon Members!

All ten members of the SagEcon team have now lent to an entrepreneur in need of a microloan.

Mr. Anderson donated $25 to Regina (Clothing Sales, Ghana)

James Chai, Charlie Schumacher, Sky Stearns and AJ Wolfson lent $25 each to Felipe
Valenzuela (Retail, Philippines)

Andrew Dorne lent $25 to Liberty Group (Fruits & Vegetables, Ghana)

Alex Jimenez lent $25 to Melinda Antonio (General Store, Philippines)

Cyrus Khoyilar lent $25 to Azad Shabanov (General Store, Azerbaijan) and $25 to Odsuren Davaatseren (Clothing Sales, Mongolia)

Usamah Simjee lent $25 to Hanieh Neser (Tailoring, Lebanon)

Brad Slaughter lent $25 to Leonard Mbugua (Butcher Shop, Kenya)

AJ Wolfson lent $50 to Idrissa Dembélé (Retail, Mali) and $25 to Noeme Sarmiento (General Store, Philippines)

Jesse Xiao lent $25 to Abravi Afanou (Beauty Salon, Togo)

1 comment:

  1. Gentlemen:

    I applaud you for taking on your work with Kiva this year.

    I notice, however, that you have no postings for November. Please make sure that you are keeping up with your responsibilities.

    Regarding your October post- it would be interesting to know why each of you chose the person to whom you made a donation. How did you find out about each person? Do you have any special reasons for choosing him or her?

    Also, are you planning (or have you already) done your work at Pavillions? What other outreach do you have planned.

    I'm very curious about your work-- with so many members, you should be able to satisfy my curiosity rather easily.


    -Mr. Barrett